This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing!

This graphic novel uses Ka-Blam Digital Printing

Ka-Blam is a trademark of 01Comics, Inc. The Ka-Blam Girl is by Steven Butler. (I do not own the rights to either.)

Introduction to Wolfram: A Gothic Parable

Welcome to the homepage of Wolfram: A Gothic Parable, a graphic novel in progress, written and drawn in the Gothic genre for the purpose of portraying beliefs, ideals, and sentiments held by its author, Eric Daniel Muntz. Here is an explanation of the tabs above:

  • Home is this page. Any recent developments, progress reports, and pertinent announcements will be displayed here, and from time to time I will publish "canon notes" on the fictional world I've invented for the setting of the series. It's also the place to access an archive of these notes, reports, developments, and announcements... In other words, it's a repurposed blog page.

  • The Statement of Intent details what I hope to accomplish through this creative project and (of equal importance) to repudiate a few misinterpretations of my work that are likely to arise.

  • Vol. 1 -Ch. 1 links you to a directory in my Google Drive that gives a quick and easy look at the first chapter of the graphic novel.

  • Catalogue will take you to a sort of hub that shows the cover of each issue completed so far (issues #1 - #3) Clicking the issue title, cover image, or listing price directs you to the corresponding IndyPlanet listing.

  • Wallpapers showcases a few samples of destops that you are welcome to download and use on your computer.

  • Information about currently displays an overview of the premise for the graphic novel so far. I intend, at some point, to lengthen it to include character thumbnails and descriptions.
  • Incidentally, the printing company associated with (the site to which the catalogue entries direct you), Ka-Blam Digital Printing, is a good company for independent creators to use. It's a reliable print-on-demand service, and in my experience, they provide excellent customer service.

    Progress report on Issue #5 and Reader update

    It's been a while since my last progress report.  So here's where I am right now.

    8 pages finished
    7 pages started (varying degrees of completion)
    7 pages not started
    2 of 3 cover pages finished

    I self-assess my progress at 58 percent.

    And now for a reader update...

    You may have noticed that Issue 4 is uploaded to the reader.  It has been for, I'd say, about a month now.  Sorry I didn't alert you to it earlier.

    UPDATE (June 23, 2017): this chart is missing two pages (not started).  I have completed four incomplete pages since, which places my REAL progress currently at about 57 percent.  So about the same as I thought it was four days ago, which is disappointing to me; I had thought I was doing pretty well.

    Chapter 1 uploaded to the W:AGP Reader

    I recently started putting together the W:AGP (Wolfram: A Gothic Parable) Reader to emulate the experience of an authentic webcomic (such as this one is... *wink*).  I am pleased to announce that the entire first chapter is available to view online at

    You may also access it by clicking the tab on this blog labelled "W:AGP Reader (in testing)."

    If you find any broken links or buttons, be sure to read the message that appears, and report the broken link.  It will be very much appreciated.

    Progress report - 20 April 2017 (and teaser page)

    So here's the analysis of my progress so far.  This format pretty much speaks for itself, so I won't bother showing my math.

    I'm not in the habit of doing this, but today I'm posting a full page from my recent progress, with no text or visual details obscured.  Happy belated Easter season!

    Progress report for Feb. 25, 2017

    Condensing down every three pages started into one page (and counting finished pages as finished), I estimate that I have 5 pages complete from issue 5, plus the front and inside front covers.

    Body: 5/24
    Covers: 2/3
    Total: 7/27

    7 ÷ 27 = ~26% completion.

    No further progress yet.

    I have no further progress to report.

    I've gotten out of the habit of posting progress reports, and I hope that changes when my new drawing tablet arrives in a week or so.  The one I have doesn't work with Photoshop anymore.

    I blame the connecting cable for connecting both at the computer and at the tablet.  It looks like the new one might have a magnetic connector to the tablet, which will prevent the ports from wearing out from pulling.

    As for the lack of progress, I have no one to blame but myself.

    Progress report - New Years Eve - about 23.5% complete

    Progress on Issue 5
    I've neglected my progress report for a few weeks, so lets pick that back up again, shall we?  As the year closes, I've completed 2 cover pages and 2 body pages and have either laid out or begun artwork on 7 pages.

    Value assigned to pages in green: 1 point(s)                        4 pages =  4 points
    Value assigned to pages in yellow: .3333... point(s)            7 pages = 2.333...
    Value assigned to pages in red: 0 point(s)                          16 pages = 0 points

    ~6.33 ÷ 27 = .234567091...
    Progress = about 23.5% complete.